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Self Esteem In Infancy

Self Esteem In Infancy

Self Esteem In Infancy. Self-esteem is a self evaluation that each individual has about him/herself. Which can be positive or negative. It is a psychological concept that we elaborate based on our emotions and not on rational issues. However there is a difference between self-esteem in childhood and adulthood.  The basis is that an adult … Read more

The Importance Of Nurturing Kids’ Curiosity

The Importance Of Nurturing Kids’ Curiosity Teaching is a process. In this case, a long, long one. It implies a lot of things that you need to nurture. From the normal education to even skills that are not that tangible. And, in this case, we are talking about curiosity. A kid’s curiosity has no boundaries … Read more

How does a Daycare work?

How does a Daycare work

How does a daycare work? At first sight, we might think that the organizational set-up and operations of a daycare are quite simple. However, working with children is not an easy task. Since the physical, social and psychological integrty of all children must be guaranteed.  Making in this way an inclusive work environment for all, … Read more