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Bloom & Grow is a daycare service in Chicago that aims to provide a nurturing, stimulating, and fun environment. Your children will develop independence, confidence, and a positive sense of self with us. Visit us today. Our experienced team of educators will give you the personalized attention you deserve. Your child will be in the best possible hands at Bloom & Grow. 

A Caring Place

 At Bloom and Grow Daycare, we take care of your kids like they’re our own. Our first concern is the safety of your child. This is why we have strict background checks, protocols, and sanitation measures in place.

A Place To Learn

We believe that each child is an individual and that education should be both fun and stimulating. Your child will love learning in a safe and caring environment.  They will feel inspired and supported.

The Best Babysitting

We are a daycare and early learning center that empowers children to reach their full potential. Located in Chicago, our service provides high-quality education in a safe and nurturing environment.

The Daycare Service In Chicago Your Child Deserves

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Our Mission

To ensure that working parents can function with the peace of mind that their children have the care and affection they deserve.
We know it’s difficult at first to leave your child in the care of others. But, we work hard to give them everything they need.
Part of our philosophy is constant communication with parents. You will know at all times what your child is doing. Trust is our foundation.
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Our Vision

To provide the best comprehensive childcare services that exceed parents’ most demanding requirements. Also, to ensure their peace of mind and help build a firm foundation that supports their children’s development.

We will be a support for parents. We will work together in a teacher-parent-pupil relationship to provide a quality service. Our aim is that children are motivated by curiosity and their own desire to learn.

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Every meal and snack is prepared with the quality hygiene required by the Department of Health and meets the nutrition requirements of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Nutritionally balanced food components and portion size according to their age. Good nutrition will help for good physical and cognitive development.

Healthy and happy tummies equal a strong body and mind!

When to take my child to daycare?

When should you take your child to kindergarten? How should the adaptation be? These questions arise, above all, in new parents.

Being parents is a great joy. But it is also an enormous responsibility and the beginning of a journey full of uncertainties. The moment when maternity leave comes to an end can be a frightening situation. But the best thing to do is to go to a nursery.

Bringing your baby to daycare at an early age will promote the development of his or her social skills. Not only that. It will also allow him to develop his skills and adapt to a new environment.

The hardest part for all parents is the adaptation stage. But it is a situation that we cannot avoid and that can last from 10 to 20 days or even longer. You will have to be very patient.

In Bloom and Grow we are in constant communication with parents to provide personalized and quality service. We are the best daycare service in Chicago

Learning through creativity

In Bloom & Grow we take pride in the methods we use. Kids have a lot of creativity lying dormant and we encourage them to put it into practice. Learning through creativity is one of the things we love to do with kids. They all learn by having a fun time.

Together We'll Grow Smarter

Today’s parents are looking for a place that helps their children reach their full potential. They want their children to learn while having fun.
That’s why your kids will love their time with us. We provide fun activities that will help them develop their social and cognitive skills.

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