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Together We'll Grow Smarter
We believe that each child is an individual and that education should be both fun and stimulating. At Bloom & Grow, children will build relationships and enjoy the early childhood years in a nurturing, safe and secure environment.
Safe And Happy Environment
We take care of your kids like they're our own. Our first concern is the safety of your child, which is why we have strict background checks, sterilization protocols, and sanitation measures in place.
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A Caring Place

The Daycare Chicago where your child will feel right at home. They will grow up in a safe and fun environment.

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A Place To Learn

Your child will develop independence and confidence. We believe education should be both fun and stimulating.

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The Best Babysitting

We care for the whole child – mind, body and soul, creating a space where all learning can thrive.

Chicago Daycare your kids deserve

Flexible schedule
for busy parents

Working Hours
Monday to Friday
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Sunday    – Closed

Daycare Chicago

Bloom & Grow Daycare is a child care and early learning center that empowers children to reach their full potential. Our service provides high-quality education in a safe and nurturing environment.

Our Daycare Chicago Programs


Energy and excitement are a natural part of growth and learning. We are focused on keeping your baby happy, safe, and secure in a nurturing environment while in our care. For instance the children are stimulated through music, exercise, tummy time, facial and verbal mimicking.


At our Daycare Chicago, kids go from crawling to running in the blink of an eye. Each day is filled
with fun activities that keep children active, engaged, and stimulated. We offer toilet training and help transition them from cribs to beds during nap time. We provide daily reports, so you can keep track of your child’s daily meals, naps, toilet training, and all other activities.


Children are more coordinated at this age and begin to explore their world even more. They learn to participate in routines, make decisions, and plan techniques. We modify activities according to each child’s creativity and self-expression.

School Age

As children get older and more independent, they need new challenges. That’s why we offer before and after school care for children up to 12 years old with transportation to and from school. We provide fun activities and projects to keep your child engaged and having fun while they’re in our care.

Why Should Kids Learn to Be Independent?

Your child might be too young right now, but eventually, he will grow up to be a fully functioning adult. Learning a few life skills early in life at a fantastic Daycare, can prepare him to handle the demands of adulthood. 

However, life has challenges, and you have to know how to manage them. We are here to teach your children everything they will need to have a great future. Getting all the capabilities to take the next steps of their life. 

Best Daycare Chicago

Bloom & Grow Daycare is a child care and early learning center that empowers children to reach their full potential. Our service provides high-quality education in a safe and nurturing environment.

Daycare Chicago

Our Mission

To ensure that working parents can function with the peace of mind that their children have the care and affection they deserve.
We know it’s difficult at first to leave your child in the care of others. But, we work hard to give them everything they need.
Part of our philosophy is constant communication with parents. You will know at all times what your child is doing. Trust is our foundation.
Daycare in Chicago

Our Vision

To provide the best comprehensive childcare services that exceed parents’ most demanding requirements. Also, to ensure their peace of mind and help build a firm foundation that supports their children’s development.

We will be a support for parents. We will work together in a teacher-parent-pupil relationship to provide a quality service. Our aim is that children are motivated by curiosity and their own desire to learn.

Daycare Services Chicago Illinois


Every meal and snack is prepared with the quality hygiene required by the Department of Health and meets the nutrition requirements of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Nutritionally balanced food components and portion size according to their age. Good nutrition will help for good physical and cognitive development.

Healthy and happy tummies equal a strong body and mind!

Objectives of our Daycare Chicago​

Infant Daycare Chicago

Bloom & Grow Daycare is a child care and early learning center that empowers children to reach their full potential. Our service provides high-quality education in a safe and nurturing environment.

See Why Chicago Parents Love
Bloom & Grow Daycare

Check out our reviews and see why Bloom & Grow Daycare is so popular with Chicago parents.

Activities At Our Daycare In Chicago

When your kids are out of school, they’ll want to be in ours. Our daycare and summer camps are fun and educational.

Head off to school break worry-free with our daycare programs! Give your kids a fun and productive place to spend their days when school is closed.


Care and Sanitation in our Daycare Chicago

Daily Sanitizing Keeps Germs and Viruses Away

Daily sanitizing keeps your child’s classes and bathrooms germ-free, and giving close attention to high-traffic spots like doorknobs and light switches assures deep clean that keeps your child healthy.


The Very Best Daycare Chicago

Increased Hand-washing puts a stop to COVID-19

After drop off, your child washes their hands as soon as they arrive and before entering any class at our Daycare Near Me. Same thing when they leave. We are committed to maintaining a safe environment.  And their health is fully protected.

The Very Best Daycare Chicago

Temperature and Health Screening for Wellness

Every day, your child and the staff get their temperatures checked for signs of fever. Health screenings also ensure all who enter are symptom-free, keeping your child’s space free of possible infection.

The Very Best Daycare Chicago

Social Distancing helps your family stay safe

Adjustments like smaller class sizes, in-house field trips, and rotated schedules help ensure the safest care possible for your child. Re-designing and altering day-to-day activities to keep everyone safe. 

Do You Want To Enroll Your Child?

Chicago Daycare Services

We will give your child the best experience at Bloom & Grow Daycare. We specialize in full service. Where we take into account everything that each child requires. Depending on their age. We want to give them that learning that will make them bright people in the future. Be part of this process with a dedicated and fully prepared staff.