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Should I send my kid to daycare?

Should I send my kid to daycare?

Sometimes, letting children grow up in other environments outside the home is a great concern for many mothers, who wonder if it is convenient to leave their baby in kindergarten before two years old. For work reasons, and in others, to make it easier for children to adapt to school, the start of nursery school fills us with doubts. It is time to address this question: Should I send my kid to daycare?

should i send my kid to daycare

First: What's the best age to send my kid to daycare?

According to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, the baby already has autonomy from the age of 18 months. He begins to walk, says his first words, has learned to play with other children, and contact with his mother is no longer necessary. That is why they recommend three years as a good age to send the child to kindergarten.

During the first months of life, the baby needs direct contact with someone all day long. That is not usually satisfied by a daycare provider, who has to pay attention to other babies. So it is not a question of professional competence but of psychic development and giving the baby what he needs. Therefore, when babies are less than 2 years old, it is more advisable for them to stay at home with their parents.

In most cases, the parent’s needs and family circumstances determine whether the baby has to go to kindergarten earlier or later. If he has to go a little earlier, daycare will be good for him to interact with other children, gain autonomy and prepare him for the start of school.

my kid to daycare

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Benefits of sending kids to daycare

Daycare centers for babies and children can be a beautiful and extraordinary experience. If they have enough space to play and run around, plenty of toys, and qualified and loving staff to take care of them.

In these places, children perform activities that contribute to their development, learn to relate to other people, and have real friends. Even parents will have the opportunity to make new friends with the other children’s parents.

Physical development

Since they play almost all the time, it helps them release energy. During leisure time, the little ones run around, which allows them to stimulate their senses and improve their balance. They also eat well, get plenty of rest and learn good hygiene habits.

Knowledge of the environment

The daycare is a new environment for children, which is very beneficial. They begin to discover and explore a place that is foreign to them. In addition, they find out new objects and people.

Develops socialization

In kindergartens, children learn to be sociable because they interact with people. Moreover, contact with their peers is an even more significant source of learning than adults.

should i send my kid

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Development of intellectual abilities

Through games, movement, and all the materials found in the classroom, children begin to develop their intellectual capacities. On the other hand, through mental representations and free play, their creativity is awakened, allowing them to invent and create new ideas.


It is necessary to take children to daycare to strengthen all these aspects of their lives. The important thing is to choose an appropriate age to separate from them and ensure that they have normal adaptation processes. So if you require a place with professionals specialized in the care of your children, choose our Daycare services in Chicago where your kids will learn based on their creativity. Our Infant Daycare in Chicago Il programs will surprise your kids with games and a healthy environment to boom and grow.