What Do Children Learn In A Daycare Center?

Should I take my child to daycare? What do children learn in a daycare center? Is it safe to leave them with strangers? These are the most common questions that parents asked before leaving their children in our daycare in Berwyn. and It is pretty normal to have all of these questions. Especially if you are a new parent.

Scientific studies reflect that early social contact with equals is critical for children’s growing social development. It is at this stage that children start developing their social skills. And be rounded by children to work out their Broca Area.  That’s why to be rounded by children and quality teaching is important.

 At home, children start learning from their parents. They say their first words, they made their first steps, and they get to know a familiar environment. But, this education needs to be complemented. That is why you must consider enrolling your child in a daycare center. 
What Do Children Learn In A Daycare Center

Is It Important To Take My Child Into A Daycare Center?

Daycare centers are the main engine, together with the family, for the early socialization of the child. Also, these educational centers are teaching spaces. They are part of the educational system.
One of the main doubts parents have is about the type of learning their child will receive. Is it worth it to enroll my child in a daycare center? Of course, it is.
To understand the importance of attending a daycare center, let’s divide the early years into three parts. The first stage goes from the first months to the first year. The second is from one year to two years old. And the third from two years old to three years old.

We want your children to feel at home with the best educational programs. Our emphasis on creativity will allow your children to develop their social skills and self-awareness. To learn more about the best daycare in Berwyn, contact us.

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What Do Children Learn In A Daycare Center?

Benefits Early Stimulation
 First Stage
The first stage goes from the first months to the first year. During this time, must be to attend to the physical and affective needs of the child. In Bloom & Grow we establish an affective bond with each child. In this way, we give them security and help them adapt to a new environment.
 Second Stage
The second stage goes from one year to two years old. During this stage, play and recreational activities stimulate children to develop their abilities. For this reason, at Bloom & Grow we have a safe and controlled environment where your child can move around and make some unforgettable friends. 
Third Stage
For the third stage, we have a special learning program. What will my child learn? Numbers, colors, shapes, body parts, etc. There will also be activities to encourage motor skills.
Other activities in this stage consist of reading stories, learning songs, and dancing. Also, painting, imitating movements, or making sounds with instruments.

At our infant daycare in Berwyn, your baby will feel happy, safe and secure in a nurturing environment. Our program stimulates children’s abilities through music, exercise and fun activities.

The first years of your child’s life are a learning experience. Do not waste the first years of your children. Dedicate yourself to developing your full potential from an early age.

At Bloom & Grow we are ready to receive your child and give him/her the best-personalized attention. We are the best daycare in Berwyn for your child. 

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