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Sensory Activities for Preschoolers

Sensory Activities for Preschoolers

Sensory play, as its name says, is a type of play that stimulates your child’s senses. This senses, touching, tasting, hearing, seeing and smelling, are their first tool to discover the world. Nontheless, is not only meant for infants and toddlers. As it helps to stimulate our child’s senses at any age. Besides, it can also help to calm them when they might feel anxious or angry.
With that, this type of play will help them to learn and develop complex tasks in the future. Also, play supports skills like social interaction and cognitive growth. So today we bring you some sensory activities for preschoolers.

Safety first. Don´t leave your kid alone with small elements that can lead to choking, or around water.

Learn while having fun this summer

Sensory Activities for Preschoolers

Sensory play can be a little bit messy, so look for a space at home that is easy to clean. And accesible for your preschooler. You can do it outdoors, or indoors, depending of the activity. Yet, be careful with the sun and summer weather. Find always spots with good shadow and breeze.

1. Water!

If you have a baby pool, fill it with some cups, action figures, balls, and any household items you like. This will allow them to explore with their full body and experiment with the objects. Why some float, why some sink, what happens when you push this to the bottom… All kind of experiences and questions can come up.

2. Finger painting

Always use washable and non toxic paint with your children. That way you can cut out any chance of accidents or poisoning. This is pretty simple: a sheet of paper, or a cardborad box, and the primary colors. Let the imagination fly! Mixing paints, discovering new textures, new colors, creating shapes. Making art pieces for you to hang on the wall or the fridge can make them really happy.

3. Bubbles

Paint bubbles, soap bubbles. Both can be an excelent choice. Have a good time blowing out some bubbles on the garden or try making fun shapes and designs with just some watered paint and a piece of paper. Later you can help them with the scissors and cut out a butterfly, or anything you want!

4. Play Dough

Using this kind of soft doughs can help the children to build, mix, touch and tear appart any type of figure they’re constructing. You can also include some big beads, small action figures or even plastic cookie cutters for them to experiment. Also, if you prefer it, you can make your own edible play dough so your little one is safe if they eat it.

5. Cooking

Interacting with food is amazing for your kid. Appart from stimulating their senses, it helps to create a healthy relation with it. Being involved in the making of some easy stuff, such as cookies or snacks, shows them new ways of tasting and trying interesting looking foods.

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