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How To Create Routines For Kids

How To Create Routines For Kids. Routines for adults as well as for the youngest or smallest members of the household. Help to have order in our daily lives and to avoid chaos in their weeks. Children evolve and develop better when routines are constant. The biggest challenge for families is to establish comfortable routines. That … Read more

My Child Bites His Classmates, What Can I Do?

How to Respond to Bites - Daycare in Cicero

Biting is a very common situation in early childhood. But, a child biting another child is considering a form of aggression. That is the reason why it is important to know how to respond to bites and how to deal with this situation at an early stage. Why do children bite? The first stages for children … Read more

Ideas for Spending Quality Family Time

5 Ideas for Spending Quality Family Time

Children enjoy spending time with their parents. But, work and adult responsibilities complicate time with their children. That’s why we share with you a list of the best ideas for spending quality family time. Quality Family Time There are studies that prove that a healthy relationship with the parents, provides better development for the child. … Read more

Why do parents need a daycare for their children?

why do parents need daycare

Why do parents need Daycare? One of the debates surrounding parenting is whether it is better for children to be at home or to go to day care. Here are some of the benefits for parents of sending their children to daycare. To respond, why do parents need daycare? Why parents hesitate to take their … Read more

How to evaluate the quality of a Daycare Center?

How to evaluate the quality of a Daycare Center

How to evaluate the quality of a Daycare Center? When choosing a day-care center for your child, you should check several criteria. A childcare center must fulfill the function of an educational center. We must find out if the daycare center compliance with U.S. regulations and compare the daycare center we like with several in … Read more