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Ideas for Spending Quality Family Time

Children enjoy spending time with their parents. But, work and adult responsibilities complicate time with their children. That’s why we share with you a list of the best ideas for spending quality family time.

Quality Family Time

There are studies that prove that a healthy relationship with the parents, provides better development for the child. According to Harvard’s Center on the Developing Child, a good father-child relationship is a determining factor in children’s behavior and health.

But, even though parents want to spend all day with their children, sometimes they can’t skip work. Nor can they skip those meetings that drag on and prevent them from getting to important games. That’s why it’s important that the time spent with children be high quality time.

We want your children to feel at home with the best educational programs. Our emphasis on creativity will allow your children to develop their social skills and self-awareness. To learn more about the best daycare in Berwyn, contact us.

Ideas for Spending Quality Family Time

Here are 5 ideas for quality family time. Take note and surprise your family.

Movie night: Pajamas, popcorn, and a good movie to enjoy. What more could you ask for in life to have an amazing time? The only hard part will be choosing a good movie to start the marathon.

Storytime: Whether it’s at night before bedtime or any time of the day, reading together is a great activity. Plus, after the story, you can take the opportunity to ask questions. This way, the activity becomes more recreational and fun.

Laugh, sing and play: Turn on the Alexa. Turn up the volume. And let the music take over. The laughter, the dancing, and the movements will become an unforgettable moment for everyone.

Ideas for Spending Quality Family Time

Family videos: Everyone loves to watch a photo album. Now, with technology, it is much easier to see old photos. So, show them pictures and videos from when they were little. You can even show them a bit of your family history.

Family outing: Going out to the park for a walk with your beautiful exotic Frenchie or ice cream is another great idea. Try to find a favorite spot so the child associates the time together with the place, creating in this way some memories together 

At our infant daycare in Berwyn, your baby will feel happy, safe and secure in a nurturing environment. Our program stimulates children’s abilities through music, exercise and fun activities.

At Bloom & Grow we rank the emotional well-being of all children. That is why we recommend to parents have quality time with their children. In this way, the little ones will enjoy their parents. And adults will enjoy the magic of their children.

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