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My Child Destroys Toys, What Do I Do?

One of the most frequent questions we hear at Bloom & Grow is about children’s destructive behavior. To some extent, it is normal for little ones to experience the world in ways that are unorthodox for adults. But, there are situations that concern parents, such as when their child destroys their toys.

What to do in these cases, is it normal, is it a stage? Before you lose your head and yell at your child, take a breath and review this information.

Why does my child destroy toys?

There are several reasons why your child destroys his toys.
However, most of the time, children do not intentionally destroy their toys. They were probably just playing and the toy accidentally broke.
However, in cases where toys break very frequently, you have to be very attentive to the signs of aggressive patterns that the child is showing. Maybe, he/she does not know how to express their emotions or frustration in the face of certain events that may be happening.

If you need more information related to how to deal with aggressive patterns, Susan Kaiser Greenland explains in her book The Mindful Child how to help your child manage stress. You can see his review on Amazon by clicking on the link below.

Susan Kaiser Greenland – The Mindful Child: How to Help Your Kid Manage Stress and Become Happier, Kinder, and More Compassionate

There is a scientific article from the National Library of Medicine that talks about The Validity of a Frustration Paradigm to Assess the Effect of Frustration on Cognitive Control in School-Age Children, if you want more information, you can click below. 

The Validity of a Frustration Paradigm to Assess the Effect of Frustration on Cognitive Control in School-Age Children


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Destroying or Discovering?

Some curious children love to know how the world works. This is completely normal. Their intention is not to break the toy, they just want to see what it is made of and how its mechanism works. One of our tips for this kind of cases is to give your child wooden toys or building blocks that can be assembled.

In this way, their creativity will have no limits and they will be able to continue discovering the world.

If you need more information related to how to develop your child’s full potential, you will find more interesting information clicking below.

Spoiled Child?

Another cause that may be influencing the breakdown of toys is that the child is pleased to buy all the toys he wants.

If you as a parent, indulge all the wishes of your child, he/she will think that he/she can break all the toys he/she wants. Because you will be buying new and more expensive toys for him/her.

It’s not about limiting your child and leaving him without gifts on his birthday. It’s about helping them grow and be able to appreciate the objects they have.

My Child Destroys Toys What Do I Do

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