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Visual Schedule for Preschoolers

Visual Schedule for Preschoolers A Visual Schedule for preschoolers can be very useful for preschoolers. They can learn quickly and practically how to react to organization, schedules and rules. It will be much easier for them to understand in a visual way to apply it. Moreover, with this method, they will learn more things than … Read more

How does a Daycare work?

How does a Daycare work

How does a daycare work? At first sight, we might think that the organizational set-up and operations of a daycare are quite simple. However, working with children is not an easy task. Since the physical, social and psychological integrty of all children must be guaranteed.  Making in this way an inclusive work environment for all, … Read more

Planning Preschool May Themes

planning preschool may themes

Planning Preschool May Themes It’s May, spring, and our children are about to go on vacation. It’s the holiday season for this special month, where we celebrate the festivities of Cinco de Mayo and Mother’s Day. What activities can you plan for your students? Here is a Planning Preschool May Themes for you. May themes … Read more