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Earth Day Activities

Earth Day Activities

Earth Day is approaching, and we must be ready with Earth Day activities to teach our children about the importance of our planet. So we have some Earth Day Activities that could benefit them.

Caring for Plants

This is the ideal day to prove how a plant is cared for, its processes, its life cycle, and even how it makes it to our tables to eat. Understanding the hard work it takes to grow a plant will teach responsibility. Its essential the empathy for workers as well as other living things.

What's Recyclable?

A perfect time to show that we can decrease our waste if taught from an early age. In addition, we need to show the groups in which the garbage is separated to carry out the recycling process and the results of this process.

Crafts with recycled materials are an excellent idea, because not only do we continue to teach about recycling. We support their creativity and they will have a lot of fun doing it.

How much water?

Water care is a very important topic. Making our children aware of using less of this resource is crucial so that this knowledge is shared with others. We need to make them aware of trying to use as little water as possible.

Turn off the faucet while washing. Trying to not spend so much time in the shower. Even water that we are not going to use can be used to water the plants in our garden.

Chicago Il Earth Day Activities

Turn off the light

Small actions always count, and as in this case. The little ones can help to take care of the light if we show them to always turn off the lights that are not in use. It is also important to unplug unused electronics. This can even help with household bills.

Another good way to involve them with the importance of turning off the lights is by teaching them about the Earth Hour.

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