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Preschool Easter Activities

Preschool Easter Activities

With Easter right around the corner, a lot of parents are looking for activities to do at home. Yet, there are other places where kids will get entertained as well. And these places are daycares. For kids that are in preschool, teachers have some plans for this festivity. Easter is a great way for them to learn things while also playing and enjoying this day. Learn today which preschool Easter activities are famous during this day. Learn how daycares are implementing activities during this holiday for your kids to learn while having fun.

Preschool Easter Activities Chicago Il

Easter Egg Hunt

Probably the most famous activity in Chicago and all of the US. An Easter Egg hunt is a great way to develop skills for your kid. They will learn to be a bit more independent when it comes to searching. And will be able to use critical thinking to find the eggs. Besides, it is a great way to let kids explore the area inside the school freely. Part of a kid’s development relies on discovery. What better way to do that than finding some eggs? As a teacher, you can have the kids return to your desk every time they find an egg. While this activity is usually made individually you can also make some teams to teach them some teamwork skills.

Sink the Egg

Continuing with the Easter theme, a great way for kids to learn while playing is by doing this activity. Sink the egg. Some teachers take this opportunity to teach through experimentation. The activity is simple, you need to find some eggs that can be filled. They are usually made of plastic. Then you give kids different materials like coins, marbles, and so on. Then you let kids experiment with different ways to sink the egg. This will help with critical thinking and experimentation. These are two of our favorite preschool easter activities. However, there are more out there. Find whichever is better for your kids and do them during this easter.

Chicago Il Preschool Easter Activities

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