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Daycare Education Program

Daycare Education Program. We care about the safety and development of your child. For this reason, we have designed educational programs according to age-specific needs. Scientific studies have proven that each developmental milestone. Needs to be stimulated to achieve optimal development.
Our highly creative teachers are guiding young children through fun and age-appropriate activities. Here we will talk to you about our Daycare Services Berwyn Programs classified by age.

Infants Daycare Education Program

Daycare Education Program
Babies, from birth to 18 months, learn a lot in a short time. Every child develops at a different time. Babies are learning and discover new experiences every minute. Since opening their hand to grasping objects. The first few months of life are a learning adventure for your child. 
Through active, hands-on play, babies learn from everything around them. Babies enjoy moving freely in a safe space. Exploring objects and satisfying their curiosity to discover. They can do it with their hands and the things around them.
Teachers stimulate your child with music, games, and dances. Optimizing in this way a better development in their adult life. Giving them security, confidence, and all the love that your child needs in the first months of life.

Toddlers Program

Daycare services Berwyn’s Toddlers program. We encourage your children to develop their math skills. By doing math activities such as counting, sorting and measuring. Through simple daily routines. We can develop your child’s optimal concentration and memory.
Your Child’s feelings and expression are the most important for us. At this age toddlers begin to establish relationships with their classmates. Our teachers, use social skills development tools to help them learn. To know and manage their feelings and be empathic with others.
Toddlers expand their vocabulary one or two words at a time. pointing to things and expressing their own needs. So our teachers participate in an active way. Encouraging them to doodle on paper and being free to express what they feel.

We want your children to feel at home with the best educational programs. Our emphasis on creativity will allow your children to develop their social skills and self-awareness. To learn more about our Preschool Program , contact us.

Preschool Age Daycare Program

Chicago Daycare
Your child will have math, science, and social skills. Through hands-on learning and if you choose, in the way that they can learn another language.
Bloom and Grow preschoolers. We are developing new skills, including the social abilities to meet and make lots of friends. Helping them to express and talk about their feelings. Avoiding violent behavior and teaching conflict resolution.
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School Age Program

In our Daycare Education Program, We provide individualized care for your child’s needs. The kindergarten classrooms offer small class sizes. In that way, teachers can closely watch your child’s progress.
 We care about your child’s academic curriculum. Our curriculum is rich in science and math concepts. That help children develop their scientific curiosity. 
By working in teams, children think creatively and critically to solve problems. Helping them develop collaboration and communication skills they will need in elementary school.
Daycare Berwyn

We want your children to feel at home with the best educational programs. Our emphasis on creativity will allow your children to develop their social skills and self-awareness. To learn more about our School Age Program, contact us.

 At Bloom & Grow, we work to make family a fundamental part of every child’s growth. That’s why we encourage quality time between parents and children.
If you’re looking for childcare near Chicago, you’ll find Bloom & Grow in Berwyn. A safe, controlled space where your child will develop to his full potential. Hundreds of parents and children endorse us as the Best Daycare in Berwyn.
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