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Yoga for Preschoolers

Yoga for Preschoolers

As adults, we know that practising yoga is great. Helps with balance, relaxes the mind and gives us core strenght. Surprinsingly, it has the same benefits on kids! Today we talk about the benefits of yoga for preschoolers and some ideas to play with them.

First of all, it is important to share some benefits of yoga for preschoolers. One of them is the emotional regulation. Children learn to be in the present moment, controlling their breathing. And being conscius about their body. This will lead to a better self-regulation in the future.

Alongside it, through the different types and sequences of movements, children need to focus.
That will help on their focus and memorization skills.
Besides, yoga provides physical outlets for kids to express themselves. Which regulates their humor and anger by focusing all that energy in working on their poses.
Now that you know some benefits of yoga for preschoolers, here are some ideas to practise it at home:
Yoga for Preschoolers

Yoga cards

Yoga cards are a great tool to make your yoga sessions fun and dynamic. With their help, you can play lots of games with your kids. Such as musical chairs with the cards instead of chairs. Dance around the cards placed on the floor and, when the music stops, they have to imitate the pose of the card they’re in front of. Another game you can try is mimics. Make your kid pick a card of the deck and let him execute it. Then, you have to do the same exact pose they are doing. And viceversa.

Yoga books

Nontheless, if your little one prefers learning through stories, yoga books are for you. These kind of books will help them to develop major independency while doing yoga. Because the characters of the book are explaining them, just by the drawings, how to achieve each pose. Off course, is much better if you read and practise with them. What matters is to spend time together having fun.