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What Foods Cause Allergies in Children

Children have all kinds of allergies. But, in this post, we will focus on the foods that cause allergies in children. Why? Because there are many symptoms and illnesses that can be mistaken for food allergies. That is why it is important that all parents know the differences.

The danger of food allergies begins at a very early age. One of the most common is a negative reaction to cow’s milk. Many food allergies disappear over the years. But, it is necessary to take measures so as not to risk your children’s health.

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What foods cause allergies in children?

Foods can be responsible for many diseases. Sometimes they are even confused with a food allergy. It is important to remember that any food can cause an allergy. But, the following foods tend to cause the most allergies.

Milk: Milk protein allergy is the first allergy that children often present within the breastfeeding stage. Children present symptoms such as hives, erythema, vomiting, or diarrhea. It is an inconvenience that is solved by eliminating dairy products from the baby’s diet.

Egg: Like milk allergy, it is very common for children to be allergic to eggs at an early age. Symptoms range from inflammation of the mouth to burning in the throat. On the other hand, children may also manifest conjunctivitis, sneezing, or wheezing.

Fruits: The most common allergy that children present is pinkish fruits. What are these fruits? They are fruits such as strawberries, cherries, plums, nectarines, peaches, or apricots. Despite this allergy, the child can consume other fruits normally. The symptoms of fruit allergy are related to other nutritional allergies. They usually diminish over time.

Nuts: The most common allergy among children is to peanuts. It is important to know what kind of nuts your children eat because it is one of the most frequent allergies.

Fish and shellfish: Allergy to fish is another allergy that occurs in children. There is a possibility that this condition will disappear in a few years. But, it can also remain for the rest of their lives.

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