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What are some influences on School Age children’s self esteem

What are some influences on School Age children's self esteem?

Self-esteem can be understood as the ability to accept and love oneself. However, many of the problems that children present when they are brought for consultation are still based on an insufficient development of self-esteem. So, many parents have this question: What are some influences on school age children’s self esteem? We will try to answer it.

What are some influences on School Age children's self esteem

Tips to help your children self esteem

  • Accept the child as he is, with his qualities and defects, know what he does well.
  • Keep a list of his qualities at hand, and do not hesitate to remind him of them, also in the presence of others.
  • Offer the child positive thoughts, either by words, gestures or emotionally, with physical contact.

Self-esteem will be closely linked to school learning because of the social significance of school and the expectations that society and the family place on children once they are in school. Often schoolchildren who do not perform well in school are more likely to have difficulties in developing solid and adequate self-esteem.

These children must be supported not only in their learning processes. But it is also essential that they learn to know themselves, to appreciate their virtues and qualities, and in correspondence with them, to self-appreciate themselves.

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  • Dedicate time to the child, just for him, exclusive attention, without giving lessons or correcting his actions, positively talking to him, so that only he hears you.
  • Acknowledge his efforts, even if he does not make them or refuses them.
    Recognize also his likes and interests.
  • Recognize his ability to think and propose solutions to problems, trying not to intervene in his reasoning and avoiding solving his problems, that is, avoiding overprotective.
  • Count on him for the daily tasks, hoping that the invitation is another opportunity for success.
  • Also, in the school environment, unconditional acceptance is one of the fundamental pillars.
  • Comparison with others who do things better (such as siblings) or sarcasm or gratuitous jokes do nothing but reduce self-esteem: Avoid it.
  • Do not fail to be realistic. There are acts to congratulate and others to correct.

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