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What are the disadvantages of child care?

What are the disadvantages of child care?

Considering the pros and cons of different options can seem overwhelming when it comes to child care. We have several articles on child care programs or daycare, but what about nannies? Here are some things to consider when considering the benefits and drawbacks of in-home care with a nanny. And what are the disadvantages of child care?

Although some parents may be clear about the option they will take, others will try to be more sure, and each one has its advantages and disadvantages according to the family’s position.

We ask ourselves if it is better for my child or me; both options have to be evaluated correctly. So, in this opportunity, we want to present an overview of what could be the pros and cons of choosing a nanny or daycare. We hope we can solve some of your doubts.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of child care?

Advantages of Nanny’s Childcare

  • The child will stay at home and in his comfort zone.
  • The treatment is personalized.
  • We can monitor that the care we want is being provided.
  • It is possible to create an emotional bond between the child and the nanny.
  • There is less likelihood of catching illnesses from other children.
what are the disadvantages of child care

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  • You may miss an important day.
  • It is very difficult to get the right nanny.
  • Not all nannies can be kept for a long time.
  • It is possible to create instability if the child has to change nannies.
  • These people are usually not specialized, so they do not bring anything educational to the table.
  • It is usually an expensive service, which will have to be supplemented by a domestic.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Daycarecenter child care?


  • The child enters a school environment.
  • The child learns to socialize in the nursery and get along with other children.
  • It is a space designed especially for children.
  • The staff is professionally prepared for this work.
  • There are tools for the child to learn to behave and follow social norms.
  • There is more surveillance and witnesses of the treatment given to the children.
  • Nutritional, academic, and entertainment elements are valued.
  • The children learn songs, have toys and the main values are encouraged because they must share, cooperate and respect.
  • It is a durable institution whose schedules are strict and reliable.


  • The child may not receive immediate attention if he cries.
  • If the child is hungry or sleepy, it will take a while to be attended to.
  • It is a place with a propensity to catch illnesses from other children.
  • Children with Special Educational Needs may not receive specific attention in the daycare center. In other words, if they miss home and mother, they will eventually get used to it without help.
  • In some cases, separating the child from home may cause anxiety, sadness or fear.

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