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Tips To Protect Children From The Sun

Playing outdoors is a great activity for children. But, as parents, you have to be careful of possible sunstroke. That’s why today at Bloom & Grow we are going to share with you some tips to protect children from the sun.

Sunbathing is healthy. There is no doubt about it. But, it is important to control the hours of exposure. Why? Because not only can you get sunburned, but you can also have skin problems. Doctors say that the skin has a memory. In other words, exposure to the sun when you are a child can cause diseases in adulthood.

Thus, it is important to take care of your child’s skin. But not only the skin. When your child is exposed to the sun, you should also take care of his or her eyes. It is not always comfortable to apply sunscreen and wear hats and sunglasses, but remember, it is for their health.

One tip we always give parents is to check the end date of the sunscreens they use. An expired sunscreen does no harm, but it does not have the same protective effect.

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Tips To Protect Children From The Sun

It is important to apply sunscreen for at least half an hour before going to the beach or pool. Why? Because it takes time for the cream to take effect. Also, every two hours you should repeat the application. If you notice that your child’s skin turns a little pink, it means that it is already inflamed.

Children’s skin can burn earlier than adult skin. This is because it is a thinner skin. Also, babies less than one-year-old absorb more radiation and can burn more easily.

Experts say that half of the radiation received in a lifetime occurs during the first 18 years. Children spend many hours in the sun, so always pay attention and protect them from UV rays.

Remember, you should never expose your baby directly to the sun. Get a nice cap or hat and protect your baby from the sun’s rays. Also, try to go for a walk in the early morning or late afternoon. This way you will avoid the sun’s “strongest” rays.

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When you go out for a walk with your baby, dress him in light clothing. This way, they won’t run the risk of getting dehydrated from too much heat. Another great trick is to place an umbrella over the stroller. And, although it may seem obvious, give your baby plenty of water to drink. At Bloom & Grow, we want our children to experience proper growth. That’s why we encourage parents to take the best care possible.

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