Importance of Psychomotricity in Children

Learn about the importance of psychomotricity in children and promote the development of your child. In the first years of life, psychomotor skills play a fundamental role in the development of every child. Why? Because it influences intellectual, emotional, and social development.

On a physical level, it allows the child to master his or her body movement. On a cognitive level, it helps children improve their memory, attention, and concentration. Meanwhile, on a social level, the child learns about and faces his or her fears and improves his or her relationship with others.

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Importance of Psychomotricity in Children

Let’s slow down a bit and see what psychomotor skills are. Psychomotor skills refer to the control of one’s own body. Whether it is the control of legs, arms, head, and trunk (gross psychomotor skills). Or the control of hands and fingers (fine psychomotor).

Psychomotor skills are linked to the maturity level of the child. But sometimes, it is necessary to exercise it in order for it to develop.

Below, we share with you exercises for gross psychomotor skills.

To improve babies’ foot coordination, we recommend going up and down stairs. First attached to the railing and then free. This way they will be able to mechanize the movement of going up and down their legs.

Another exercise that improves foot coordination is walking on tiptoe or jumping with both feet and landing in the same place. Walking in a straight line and keeping your balance is also a great idea.

Other activities include walking backward while maintaining balance. Walking on a curb while keeping your balance. Jumping from tile to tile or standing on one foot with balance.

For arm coordination, Bloom & Grow recommends exercises with a ball. Bouncing the ball or throwing it is a great activity. Likewise, receiving the ball, first with two hands. Then with one hand.

Another great idea is bowling. You can set up a small circuit at home and place stuffed animals to knock them down with a ball.

Meanwhile, for fine motor skills exercises, squeezing a small ball hard is a great activity. Likewise, molding with plasticine or picking up small objects and putting them in a bottle.

At our infant daycare in Cicero, your baby will feel happy, safe, and secure in a nurturing environment. Our program stimulates children’s abilities through music, exercise, and fun activities.

Other activities are: squashing plasticine balls, making little balls of paper, or pressing keys with all the fingers. An activity that children enjoy at Bloom & Grow is guessing objects blindfolded, by touching them.

Whether you work for a digital marketing agency or a cleaning service, you’ll find the best fit for your baby at Bloom & Grow. At our daycare in Cicero, children experience natural development enhanced through play. If you are looking for the best option for your child, contact Bloom & Grow.