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How to discipline a toddler with love and accuracy

How to Discipline a Toddler with Love and Accuracy

Toddlers are at an age where they are learning the boundaries of the world. Values such as respect for oneself and others are necessary for all human beings. In the same way, they must understand the sense of authority and the hierarchies that govern them, as they must respect their parents and teachers. However, it has been proven that the old techniques of disciplining children through fear, hitting, and aggression are destructive for their development and ineffective for their understanding. That’s why we bring you some tips that the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends for educating our children. So, let’s learn how to discipline a toddler with love and accuracy.

how to discipline a toddler with love and accuarcy

Show and tell

Children learn more efficiently by example than by words. If you show them where they went wrong, they will understand exactly what you are talking about. Calm words and actions will always be helpful to correct children. And it will be even more potent if an authority figure sets the right example through his behavior.

First Listen

Although children are learning about the world, they often do not act deliberately. They have their reasons for making decisions, whether right or wrong. As parents and teachers, we must learn to know what our children want and why they act and teach them how to do it correctly to get what they want.

If something happens that is important to them, listen and trust. If you must correct them, let them finish the story before teaching them the consequences.

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Use positive reinforcement

how to discipline a toddler with love and accuracy

Toddlers need to learn the difference between good and bad. It’s okay to correct a child if he makes a mistake, but it’s also necessary that if he does something right you can give him positive reinforcement. Children associate this type of encouragement with rewards for good behavior and will want you to acknowledge it. The more specific you can be, the better: “Great Tom!, you did your homework very well!”.

Skip time out

When it is necessary to punish their misbehavior, giving them a time-out to think about what happened can be very beneficial. If you have done this exercise before, you can warn them about this consequence if they are breaking a rule. This strategy will help them develop self-management skills and understand that bad actions have consequences. Also, as an additional tip, always try to make these commands firm but low-emotional to avoid the child feeling attacked.

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In conclusion, you must give conscious treatment to your children. They are not animals or machines. They can understand situations and be corrected with love and respect.

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how to discipline a toddler with love and accuracy