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Eco-Friendly Traditions During Holidays

Eco-Friendly Traditions During Holidays

The holiday season is an amazing time for celebrating and having fun. Yet, that doesn’t mean you can’t teach your kids a few things. So today we tell you about eco-friendly traditions during holidays. Why are focusing on eco-friendly things? Well, as you’ve noticed there is a lot of schools implementing green cleaning and studies in their day-to-day classes. Why not at home? Holidays are a great time to do this. On the plus side, your kid will learn new things that will help them throughout their life.

Teach them about used things

While most kids want expensive gifts, it doesn’t have to be like that. As you know, tis’ the time of giving. So, if you want your child to give some gifts, try to teach them about used ones. This is not bad at all. Especially when it comes to clothes. For toys and such, a new one might do it. But try to teach them the magic about used clothes for gifts.


One of the greatest eco-friendly traditions during holidays is donating. Kids don’t learn too much about this at school. So it falls to the parents. And this is good because you can do two things during the holidays. Get some help with your house cleaning and decluttering. And after that, take your kids to donate some of the stuff they don’t use. Kids will learn that they don’t have to throw everything away. And by donating, they’re helping someone. So, do not think twice about teaching your kids all these eco-friendly things. Everything helps while growing and these things are great to do during the holidays.

DIY gifts

As we mentioned in our previous posts about helping your kid find hobbies. One good way to put this into practice is by teaching them how to make their own gifts. This is good because you’re encouraging creativity and craftmanship. So, if you want your kid to help you with gift-making or gift-wrapping, now’s the time.